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Last night we realized we live about a mile from the famous Abbey Road, where The Beatles did some recording at Abbey Road Studios. We decided to check out the famous crosswalk that graced the cover of their Abbey Road album, and maybe try to recreate the famous photo taken by Iain Macmillan.

Abbey Road Sign

Kids from Bath and Pudsey the Bear cross the famous Abbey Road crosswalk

Tour of our London flat from David Miller on Vimeo.

Made it into London at 10am local time, 5am our normal time… Getting through customs in the UK was not a problem. As soon as we arrived at our hotel, we dropped off our bags and went straight to a realtor appointment- successful letting of a 7-person flat near Regent’s Park, London. Despite being terribly jet lagged, we decided to go off on a night-time photo adventure, and on the way to find a good pub to stop at. It was a good end to a long 30+ hours of being awake.

London Streets

A beer to end the night

Plane flying overhead in Newark, NJ

My hotel in Newark is right beside the airport, so though the sound of planes flying overhead has been kind of rough, it’s an amazing thing to see!

Less than 24 hours until arriving in London.

Virgin Atlantic employee watching the plane

Finally through security, hanging out in the Terminal B before SU boards the plane to London! It has been a long airport day.

London Blogging will begin after September 1, 2009. For now, please check out my official Web site: David Miller Visual